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9 Trendy Lighting Styles to Brighten Your Home

02 Aug 2017

As you cross the threshold and flick the switch, does your home’s lighting style fall flat? Don’t worry. There’s a light in the dark. From the homey glow of a rustic chandelier to the sleek suspension of modern pendants, you can find stylish lighting fixtures for a purposeful reflection of your story. Here’s how to recreate popular lighting styles for a gorgeously lit home that deserves to be seen.

1. Rustic Lighting Fit for a Ski Lodge
Rustic Lighting Fit for a Ski Lodge

If you want your lighting to look like it was forged by a pioneer, go with mounted rustic-style lighting carved from sturdy wood beams. The weathered planks should be treated to look dark and aged, so your lighting has the same country cottage effect as your farmhouse table.


Rustic lighting is all about rural warmth and charm, so fixtures in this lighting style will usually have quaint mason jars or rugged antlers surrounding the nostalgic amber glow of Edison bulbs. The old soul of rubbed bronze or matte black hardware is also popular in rustic lighting. The distressed metal should look like it could have been welded right out of the wood stove in your grandpa’s cabin.

2. Mid-Century Modern Lighting for Vintage Vibrancy
Mid-Century Modern for Vintage Vibrancy

To make a big, artsy statement with your lighting, do it with mid-century modern style. Figurative art was big in this bygone era so it’s no surprise that lighting was embodied by bold, striking designs that’ll have you clutching your pearls. These retro fixtures are made with metal finishes as brassy as your favorite big band jazz singers.


The dramatic, airy frames of this lighting style’s multi-armed sputnik chandeliers and arched floor lamps will take you back to the Space Age. If you’re Decorating With Lamps, look for drum-shaped fabric shades in funky saturated colors. The groovy lounge vibes should inspire fond memories of doo-wop and drive-ins.


3. Glam Lighting for a Breathtaking Focal Point

Glam Lighting for a Breathtaking Focal Point

Every star needs her spotlight. If you like glitz, gold, and glass, then you’ll love the old razzle dazzle of glam lighting. These sassy fixtures add a trendy sparkle and shine that can’t be ignored. For this lighting style, you’re looking for drop-dead gorgeous ornamentation that makes your guests think they just stepped into the Ritz.


When they catch their reflections in the mirrored bronze or brass of these old Hollywood fixtures, they’ll see their jaws on the floor. This lighting style’s elegant crystal chandeliers and fabulously feminine pendants will awe and inspire whether you host a gala or a quiet get-together.

4. Bohemian Lighting to Ignite Your Soul
Bohemian Lighting to Ignite Your Soul

Bridge cultures from distant corners of the world (and your home) with bohemian lighting. This lighting style can spark the feeling of far-off places when it smolders over your ethically sourced decor. With all the mysticism of a handwoven dreamcatcher, these beaded and fringed fixtures will be perfect for illuminating your freethinking space.


With the flick of a switch, you’ll turn casual hellos into sit-and-stay-awhiles. Whether it’s featured in a rattan pendant or a paper lantern, this whimsical organic lighting style emphasizes an authentic connection with Mother Nature.

5. Industrial Lighting for Stripped-Back Hardware
Industrial Lighting for Stripped Back Hardware

If you’re trying to manufacture a warehouse vibe, industrial lights will fulfill your steampunk dreams. Catch the gleam from your copper bistro chairs with a wire-cage fixture straight off the assembly line, while the hum of bare-bones Edison bulbs takes your lighting from ordinary to iconic.


As you churn through the cogs of daily life, go for gear-inspired decor. Try an antiqued brass or raw iron-cast pendant from this trendy lighting style. A chandelier with hanging basket lights or branched piping will lend a mechanical look that would make even Charlie Chaplin feel at home.

6. Farmhouse Lighting for Familiar Comfort
Farmhouse Lighting for Familiar Comfort

Picture this vintage farmhouse scene: Pendants strung up in chrome or stainless steel, like the hooded stove where you’re frying brown eggs. Lighting with wire-grate finishes that mimic the chicken coop in the yard. A candelabra, with wood as distressed as the whitewashed barn doors of your pantry. Everything’s functional and practical, down to the lamps repurposed from mason jars or milk cans.


Farmhouse fixtures are perfect accents to your roaring fireplace, where enough wood is piled to last through the evening. Like a washboard or a galvanized pitcher, farmhouse lighting is a relic from a modest past. Use it to shed a friendly, downhome glow on your family’s present and future.

7. Coastal Lighting for a Nautical Retreat
Coastal Lighting for a Nautical Retreat

Find your first mate in coastal lighting. Beachy spaces are already bright and open, so your goal for coastal lighting is to reflect existing natural light like the sun bouncing off incoming waves.


A hull-inspired chandelier in white or chrome will radiate its seaglass splendor throughout your nautical-themed space. Table lamps with shoreline bases of petrified wood or textured coral are naturally raw and easygoing, adding contrast to a crisp coastal space. The glimmer of a gas lantern or the sway of a woven rope pendant will take you out to sea whenever a salty breeze floats through.

8. Traditional Lighting for a Regal Estate
Traditional Lighting for a Regal Estate

Candle-shaped bulbs are the key to unlocking the secrets of traditional fixtures. The grandeur of traditional lighting will transport you to the 18th century, where double-armed sconces, pleated pendants, and crystal chandeliers reigned supreme.


As classic and elegant as your velvet monogrammed robe, the amber tint of traditional-style lanterns shed poise and posture wherever they glow. The small ivory lamp shades that accompany these fixtures are nothing ornate. Just let the shiny metals and elaborate floral details do the talking.

9. Contemporary Lighting for the Stark Sophisticate
Contemporary Lighting for the Stark Sophisticate

Set your phasers to stun. Contemporary lighting’s fluid fixtures aren’t meant to blend into your surrounding decor. With sculptural, futuristic shapes in polished nickel or marble, this trendy lighting style will put a unique twist on your homey space pod. With an enigmatic appeal, the stark, clean lines of contemporary fixtures are some of the Best Floor Lamps for Stylish Lighting.


Clusters of pendants in matte tones are so simple, they’re genius. They’ll add an abstract contrast to the sleek “don’t-touch-it” display of your modern museum interior. Your guests will want you to slow down the house tour so they can savor every innovative exhibit in your contemporary light gallery.

It’s more than okay to have a favorite. Maybe even two or three. But the choice of which lighting style dominates your home is up to you.  Still not sure where to start? Check out our Tips on Buying Home Lighting Fixtures.