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17 May 2021

See More bedroom furniture dresser sets
See More bedroom furniture dresser sets

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See All Bedroom Vanities

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Affordable Interior Design

Affordable Interior Design

Simon and Schuster. 2019

Live in luxury—on a budget. Homeowners and renters of all means dream of having a beautiful home. The media makes it look so easy, but many of us have less to work with and still long to live in style. Affordable Interior Design makes luxury an affordable reality. In this DIY home decorating handbook, Helmuth reveals insider tips and her tried-and-tested methods for choosing colors, creating a gallery wall, how to use accent tables, entry benches, rugs, and more! Helmuth has shared her...

Beds and Bedroom Furniture

Beds and Bedroom Furniture

Taunton Press. 1997

An inspiring collection of informative articles on making bedroom furniture. Readers receive proven methods, tips and techniques, and specific details straight from the builders. Included are how to design and construct a variety of period and contemporary beds, chests, and tables.

If She Had Stayed

If She Had Stayed

Red Adept Publishing, LLC. 2020

Kaley Kline is thrilled to have landed a job as director of the new Tesla Museum in Colorado Springs. To make the museum successful, she searches for undiscovered works to display. When she finds an old safe that might have been Tesla’s, she’s shocked to find some diary pages supposedly written by the inventor himself. Kaley initially thinks that either the journal is a fraud, or Tesla was experiencing a nervous breakdown when he wrote it. However, if his experiments were real, the world...

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Create Your Sanctuary Sale! Enjoy 25% off Bedroom Furniture, Bedding, Decor, Bath & more at! Offer valid 4/19-4/21!
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Create Your Sanctuary Sale! Enjoy 25% off Bedroom Furniture, Bedding, Decor, Bath & more at! Offer valid 4/19-4/21!
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Way Day 2021 is Here! Bedroom Furniture Starting From $90 + Free Shipping!
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Way Day 2021 is Here! Bedroom Furniture Starting From $90 + Free Shipping!
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Bedrooms Furniture

Your bedroom should be a retreat – a place where you can relax during a busy day, or sleep in after a long week. With our incredible selection of bedroom furniture like headboards, dressers, and armoires you can make your dream bedroom a reality. From the popular white bedroom furniture look that helps a room feel modern, to rustic bedroom furniture sets for those who love wood and wicker, Shop Bedrooms Furniture has it all for sale online. Once you’ve decided the style of bedroom you want, you should make sure that you have all the essential elements and know things like how to clean a headboard. You can never be to prepared!

While some shoppers opt to buy a bedroom set to make sure all the pieces go together, you call also mix and match to create your own personal style. Make sure you have these bedroom furniture essentials so you can live in comfort:


Sheet sets tend to consist of flat and fitted sheets with one or two pillowcases, though some product options in this category may include each piece sold separately. Read product descriptions carefully and double check your mattress size before purchasing sheets. Other factors, including pocket depth and care instructions, are also worth considering before making your final decision.


Blankets are the ideal layering component in a bedding collection. Often, homeowners opt to keep a collection of extra blankets just in case they’re needed between seasons or when guests arrive and want a little more nighttime warmth than the host is accustomed to. Blankets sized to fit standard mattresses are often too large for use as throws on a couch or chair, so keep that in mind when shopping for your lounge area blankets.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to make your house a home, you can check out our Shop the Look board of interior designs. You can find hundreds of bedroom designs to jump start your muse. If you know the style you want, you can search that style specifically, including country bedroom ideas or modern bedroom ideas.


From practical storage beds to modern platform beds, you’ll find a huge selection of beds in a wide variety of styles and sizes at Shop Bedrooms Furniture. When shopping for a bed, first consider whom the bed is for. A toddler may be most comfortable in a toddler bed. A twin-size bed is appropriate for most older children and teens. To accommodate two or more children in a limited space, consider a bunk bed. For a solo adult, a full-size bed is usually comfortable, but you may want a queen- or king-size bed to provide more room to stretch out. For couples, queen-size beds and king-size beds are most popular. A California king bed is a good choice if you’re tall. Next, consider what design is most appealing to you. Canopy beds, upholstered beds and four-post beds can be luxurious. Platform beds go well with modern decor and can come with or without headboards. To maximize space, consider storage a storage bed with built-in drawers or cabinets. loft beds provide space underneath for a desk or storage and are good choices for children, teens and solo adults in tight quarters.


A headboard can help prop up your pillows and bring together the design scheme of your bedroom. In shopping for a headboard, consider the size of your bed, any spatial constraints you have, the style and decor of your bedroom and your personal taste. The first factor to consider when you shop for a headboard is the size if your bed. Most headboards are designed to fit standard-sized beds, either twin, full, queen, king or California king. You may also want to consider your ceiling height to determine the optimal height for the headboard. Headboards come in a wide variety of designs, ranging from simple to elaborate. A plain black headboard can work well with a minimalist design scheme, while a detailed wooden four-poster headboard can compliment a Victorian-style bedroom. A metal headboard often goes well with contemporary decor. You’ll also find headboards that add extra functionality. Bookcase headboards include built-in shelves that can be used to store books, alarm clocks, medicine, pictures and other small items. A padded headboard can be used as a backrest.

Bedroom Sets Furniture

Give your bedroom style a design refresh by shopping for a new bedroom set. With matching beds, dressers, nightstands and more, bedroom furniture sets are a great option for shoppers who know the color and style that they want. Be sure to shop by bed size to narrow your search down to queen sized bedroom sets for your master bedroom or twin sized sets for your childrens’ room. Next, shopping by finish is a great way to make sure that your set matches the lamps, wall art and rugs you already have. With hundreds of color and style combination available, including brown, cherry and white bedroom sets, it’s easy to find a complete bedroom set for your home!

Bed Frame Dimensions

If you are shopping for a new bed frame, it is important to consider the size you need. The bed frame size needs to match the size of the mattress and box spring. A king size mattress would need a king size bed frame to rest on while a queen size mattress needs a queen size bed frame. Another thing to keep in mind is not only the width of your simple bed frame, but also the height you want your bedframe to be. If you plan to store things under your bed, a high bed frame is the best option,but if you would rather a shorter bed, then a short bed frame is right for you.