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best queen mattress : BEST 2 REST Queen Memory Foam Mattress 10 Inch With Cool Gel – Made In USA

Modern Sleep Gramercy Euro-Top 14" Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress, California King

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Modern Sleep Gramercy Euro-Top Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring 14-Inch Mattress combines the superior support of a wrapped-coil innerspring system with the conforming response of gel-infused memory foam for the ultimate sleeping experience. Featuring a beautifully detailed quilted euro-top...

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I love this bed! So extremely comfortable. I'm a side sleeper but with this bed I'm comfy on my back, side or stomach. There was no odor at all after I removed the plastic covering and it expanded to full size in just a few hours. I'm impressed and extremely happy with this purchase. I was skeptical of purchasing a mattress online. After researching and finally reading reviews I decided to order it. So So happy I did.See more
This Modern Sleep mattress is just amazing! After one night of sleeping on it my wife and I both got up in the morning without any back pain. This was not the case after sleeping on our previous mattress which cost 10X more than the Modern Sleep mattress cost. Our previous mattress was a name brand orthopedic 3 piece mattress set that was supposed to support your body so that you did not get up in the morning with aches and pains. It did not perform as good as this Modern Sleep mattress. This Modern Sleep mattress is a firm mattress so you do not sag while sleeping. The innersprings are individual coils wrapped in fabric. This advanced technology allows you to move around or roll over without disturbing your sleeping partner. The pillow top with layers of cool gel memory foam is not only individually supportive to each of your body parts it also breathes so that you will not sweat as much as you would with other types of memory foam. I had this mattress delivered to my house and I was surprised as to how it came. The Modern Sleep mattress comes compressed. It was delivered in a 14” x 15” x 5'-6” box rolled up like a piece of carpet (see video). After unboxing we took the rolled up mattress to the bedroom and set it on our existing box spring. The next step is to remove the layers of plastic wrap that is keeping it rolled and compressed. Remove the first layer of plastic wrap and unroll the mattress. Then cut the vacuum sealed bag and it blows up to full size right in front of you. The instructions say to allow the mattress to expand for up to 48 hours so it can return to its original shape. We live in Phoenix so it's hot here and the mattress was ready to sleep on in about 5 to 6 hours. One thing to note is that this Modern Sleep mattress does not come with a foundation. So throw your old mattress away and keep your existing box spring to support it. On top of everything else this mattress comes with a 10 year limited warranty (3 full years and then 7 years prorated). If you are in need of a new mattress you cannot go wrong purchasing one of these based on price and quality!See more
I wasn't sure what had arrived on our doorstep in a tall, heavy box. Since it was very heavy -- about 100 pounds -- we decided to load it on a dolly. We got it inside and it turned out it was our rolled-up mattress. We cut off the plastic carefully from the bag it was compressed and rolled into, and out popped the Modern Sleep Pillow Top 14" Hybrid Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattress. We flattened it out and let it completely expand itself to its full size, which is just under 14 inches tall. The base is about 9 inches tall, and includes the springs. The pillow top layer is nearly 5 inches tall. They are connected, and the mattress would need to lay on a flat surface, not just a regular metal bed-frame alone, but would need a box spring (with or without springs), or something like that to work comfortably. The fabric it's covered with is pleasantly soft, so if the sheets get pulled off a corner, it's not uncomfortable. There are two strong, fabric straps well-sewn into each side, which is really nice and helpful for moving it. The mattress is easily the most soft and comfortable mattress we've ever owned. It's supportive yet giving wherever I need it, and works very well regardless of how I am sleeping. It also remains soft, comfy, and cool throughout the night.See more

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August 25, 2020 - @jph1975

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Mattresses are the key to feeling your best. Sleep can determine how good you feel in the days to come. Find the perfect mattress that makes you feel well rested and ready to tackle the next morning. Choose yours today by selecting the size, type, and comfort level of your choice.

Are memory foam mattresses really better than innerspring mattresses?

Both types have pros and cons, but memory foam remains one of the most popular options for queen mattresses. These mattresses offer minimal motion transference and support that can improve your sleep quality. They also tend to sleep hot. Innerspring mattresses have better airflow, but the coils aren’t for everyone. Hybrid mattresses, which combine the best of innerspring and memory foam, could be a good option for you if you’re on the fence.

I have a bad back. Which king-sized mattress is the best option for me?

Shop Mattresses & Accessories has several options that work well, but the most popular king-sized mattresses for people with back problems are our memory foam mattresses. The foam conforms to your body to provide personalized comfort and the medium-firm support that you need to avoid waking up sore in the morning. Memory foam mattresses tend to retain heat; if you prefer a cooler night’s sleep, you might be better off with a gel mattress. Our gel mattresses have all the benefits of a memory foam mattress with a layer of gel for extra support and cooler sleeping temperatures.

Choosing The Right Full Mattress

Why buy a full size mattress? For one, it’s cheaper than going bigger. Queen and king size bed sets are known to be pricier, in some cases much pricier than a double mattress. A second reason is you don’t want to spend a fortune on dressing up your new full bed either, right? Luckily, full size bedding is also more affordable than its bigger alternatives, and widely available. Also, a double mattress is a room saver. A double mattress is an ideal amount of space for one person, or a teenager, and it’s great to add to a guest room. You’ll also be able to find full bed mattresses in all of the construction types like memory foam, innerspring, latex, and more! Here are some additional benefits and things to consider when looking for a new full size bed mattress.

full size mattress: The standard full size mattress measures 54 inches in width, and 75 inches in length. If you want to fit two people on a double mattress, each person gets about 27 inches. So, it’s maybe not as suitable for couples as a queen would be, but it’s the ideal mattress size placed in an average size bedroom for shorter sleepers. 21% of customers end up purchasing a full size mattress. A full size bed mattress is ideal in dorm rooms for young adults, or for smaller bedrooms where a queen would feel overpowering. If you are concerned with your young ones wearing down the mattress quick, you can protect it and keep it free of stains by reading our mattress cleaning guide. Based on this is a double mattress right for you?

full mattress : Not sure if the double mattress is right yet? Let’s look at another factor. Now that you have a better idea of the dimension of a full size mattress, our buying tip would be to purchase a foundation or box spring along with your new mattress. Your mattress’s warranty is important, but with the support of a foundation, your mattress can last much longer. A foundation helps the mattress sit upright and prevents it from sagging in the center. Many manufacturers actually require customers buy a box spring along with their mattress in order to be able to file a warranty claim. Apart from a box spring, you can purchase a platform bed, an adjustable base or metal frame to compliment your full mattress.

double mattress : Full mattresses are also widely referred to as double beds. This size is easy and convenient to shop for when finding the perfect bedding. Comforters, duvets and other linens come in dozens of patterns, colors, brands, and prices on Shop Mattresses & Accessories. Double mattress sets feature reversible, hypoallergenic, organic, and even hand tacked bedding. Choose the thread count you prefer, and the perfect style for your room. Our ‘global-inspired’ style features loud patterns and creative color combinations to let the bed speak for itself. Choose ‘glam’ for a chic and rich looking bedding. Or maybe ‘preppy’ for a clean and simple touch to your bed.

A full size mattress can be much bigger than its dimensions when you think about how you want to style it. Be sure to consider purchasing a foundation to your mattress as well to decrease the chances of the mattress failing on you in the short term.