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black toddler bedroom furniture : Baby Relax Jackson Toddler Bed, Kids Bedroom Furniture, Espresso Wood

18 Dec 2020

Baby Relax Jackson Toddler Bed, Kids Bedroom Furniture, Espresso Wood

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BrandBaby Relax
Bed SizeCrib/Toddler Bed
Manufacturer Part NumberDA7750
ManufacturerDorel Asia
Recommended LocationIndoor
Bed TypeToddler Beds
Assembled Product Weight19.8 lb
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)54.25 x 29.25 x 25.50 Inches

Is it already time for the big-kid bed? The sturdy construction of the Baby Relax Jackson Toddler Bed will transform your nursery into a new, safe and fun bedroom for your growing child. A toddler bed represents an important milestone in your child’s development as they grow from baby to toddler...

User reviews

Received item 2 weeks ago, in excellent condition. With a bunch of different finishes, I didnt get to select one, but we got a white finish. Which is perfect because it goes with my daughters room. Now, take note. Even though this is a toddler bed, it is not suitable for toddlers ages 1-3. So our daughter cant use this until she is 4yrs old. Which is ok. So in the box is all the items needed to assemble the toddler bed. There are provided screws and nuts, as an allan wrench. Almost forgot, instruction manuel.This is very easy to setup. It took me roughly about 30mins to complete. Ok, i didnt use the provided allan wrench. I have an attachment for my power drill. Go slow if you decide to use one, so you dont over tighten the screws.There are included bed rails to install, so it keeps our little ones from rolling out the sides of there bed.Once the toddler bed is assembled, check to see if your babies/toddlers mattress fits onto the bed, so you dont have to run out and find one that fits. Luckily for us, ours fits.Then decorate the bed however youd like. In our case, its for my daughter. So gray or pink it is.All in all this is a great and sturdy toddler bed for your kids.Happy HolidaysSee more
This is the perfect transitional bed for your child after they no longer sleep in their baby bed. I love the white finish which is perfect for all genders and colors of bedding. It easily takes the baby bed mattress and bedding so all you need is this bed, you won't need to buy anything extra unless you want to change to new sheets and crib blanket. The side rails help train your child to stay in the bed without being restrictive. The bed is close to the ground which makes it easy for your little one to get in and out of their new bed on their own. I like it that it also does not take up any more room than the crib previously did since most nursery rooms are small. I really like this bed, my little guy thinks it's awesome to have a new *big boy* bed, too!See more
This is an adorable toddler bed! I love the white color. It’s nice quality and was not too hard to assemble. I like that the side bars so my child Cannot fall out and that it’s low to the ground. Very study!See more

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If you re wondering where to start when it comes to furniture for your kids bedroom, you’re not alone. Choosing the best type of furniture and accessories for your little ones takes patience, and you want to choose items that’ll grow with them through those precious early years. Children grow quickly, so it’s important to create a pleasant environment for your little ones while considering their ever-changing needs and preferences. At Shop Kids’ Furniture, we have a huge selection for kid’ furniture at Every Day Low Prices, helping you make the perfect choices while sticking to the budget.


A low table and children-size chairs create the perfect spot for little ones to play alone or with their siblings or friends. A table set is ideal for tea parties, coloring, puzzles or building with blocks. Choose a table and chairs made from painted wood or colorful plastic; these options are easy to clean. Other pieces of furniture that also work well for an older kids’ bedroom are a small desk and chair and a beanie bag that provides them with lots of fun and comfort.

Choosing convenient, comfortable bunk beds

Fun and practical, bunk beds make efficient use of vertical space to pack two beds into the floor footprint that one bed typically occupies. Bunk beds are a favorite bedroom-furniture item for children, but adults can take advantage of this design as well for vacation homes and small-space living. The available options in this product category can be surprisingly diverse, and there s a bunk bed to suit just about every need in this section. In addition to variety in material options and furniture design styles, bunk beds come in several different sizes and formats.

Bunk bed terminology

The basic concept of a bunk bed is easy to understand, but the nature of the bed-on-bed stack can vary from model to model. Make sure you get exactly the bunk bed you want by learning the difference between different bunk bed styles. Considering these options prior to browsing may change your perception of which bunk bed will work best in your home.

Full over twin: Some bunk bed designs place the larger mattress on top, with the lower twin mattress placed perpendicular to the upper full mattress to provide proper balance for the frame.

Provide productive comfort with children’s desks and chairs

Whether your child needs a dedicated homework area or a space to spread out and explore their imagination, a desk and chair setup can provide space to help them stay organized, focused and entertained. Just as it is with your office furniture, however, there are some important things to consider when it comes to the desk and chair’s ergonomics, size and features. We’re here to help you learn more about children’s’ desks and chairs so you can make the choice that’s right for your little one’s needs. Here’s what to keep in mind while you get started shopping.

Size considerations

When kids are comfortable, it’s easier for them to concentrate. Staying comfortable when working at a desk means that both the desk and the chair need to be sized properly to fit your child’s height. Fortunately, figuring out the dimensions that the desk and chair should be is a similar process to determining what size your own office furniture needs to be — only with smaller proportions. Get the following measurements before you start your search.

Chair height: For proper posture, find a chair that allows your child to sit with their feet flat on the ground and their knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Have them sit this way, and measure the distance from the floor to the back of your child’s bent knees. This number in inches should match the seat height of the chair you select.

Types of desks

Your child may benefit from having different desks at different life stages. In general, kids’ desks can be divided into three types: preschool, elementary school and junior high/high school. And, while many of the product listings in our selection provide appropriate age ranges to help you decide, it’s also important to consider the different features of each desk type to see what meets your child’s needs.

Elementary: As the amount of homework your child is assigned starts to increase, desks for this age range begin to incorporate more features that focus on organization. Larger work surfaces, paper trays, shelving and drawers all become more common, making it easy for your child to store both school and craft supplies. These desks also start to look a little more grown-up, with some available in wood-look finishes. Many desks for this age group come with matching chairs for a more cohesive appearance; just be sure — if you’re choosing a set — that the chair’s height is still appropriate for your child.

Kids’ Chairs & Seating

Add some fun variety to your child’s bedroom by furnishing it with additional seating. Your child will love having a chair, sofa or rocker in his or her bedroom so friends can sit and play when they come over for playdates instead of having to sit on the bed.

Whether it’s a bean bag chair, rocking chair, recliner or sofa, your child will enjoy having comfortable and fun place to sit. kids’ chairs are great for relaxing, reading, playing or entertaining friends. Bean bags can be a fun and playful addition to a bedroom or play room while more standard upholstered chairs with cushions, butterfly chairs or rocking chairs provide more support if your child wants to relax or read. Sofas or recliners are ideal for comfort while your child is playing in his or her bedroom. Your child will love haivng a desk chair when sitting down to do homework.

There is a variety of kids’ chairs and seating options available at Shop Kids’ Furniture to furnish your child’s bedroom or play room.

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