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boys bedroom beds : Twin Platform Bed Frame with Trundle Bed, YOFE Kids Twin Bed Frame with Slats, Pine Kids Twin Bed Frame for Boys Girls, Twin Size Bed Frame for Bedroom Dorms, 76” L× 39.8” W×22.8” H, Espresso, R4021

20 Jan 2021

Kids Twin Bed Frame with Headboard and Trundle, Wooden Platform Bed with Footboard for Teens Boys Girls Bedroom Living Room, No Box Spring Needed, White 79.5"L*42"W*33.5"H

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as of March 15, 2021 3:09 pm

💎Product Information Product Name:  Twin Bed Product Size: 79.5'' x 42''x 33.5'' (LxWxH)   Product Weight: 68.3 lbs Color: white / gray Material: Solid pine wood construction with plywood slats and rails, PB trundle panel Weight Capacity:  Bed: 200 lbs, Trundle: 180 lbs Assembly Required:...

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I was looking for something pretty and found it, almost fell in love instantly. I decided to buy it for my guest bedroom and I must say I could have not been mistaken, I made a pretty darn good choice! It looks fantastic (to say the least) all things match. From the shams, all matches it! I got it in white I think it goes well with the whole modern thing. I had bought furniture online but after checking and doing all the research on all the websites like ovestock, ikea, target and other major retailers, etcetera, all we decided (my husband and I) to go ahead and purchase this. We got it super fast. Faster than we were promised actually, it came surprisingly well kept, with no damage at all, to MY surprise since all packages do tend to get damaged during shipping. When we got it I was astonished with the quality of the wood, it is niiiceee! To the point, the assembly, it did NOT have missing pieces, if it did we could not had time to go to the store and yada yada, or even call to customer service thank god it was not the case. It maybe difficult for some but we are "handy" it took us about on average 40 minutes to assemble it all. It was "easy" if you ask me. I don't know what my husband is going to tell you... Anyways, we got the bed and it has a nice pull out mattress underneath, talk about convenience! Overall it is a nice addition to the room. It gives it a warm and a cozy feeling. I love it. Might get other one for that same room as well, for that price is well worth it! Hope this review help you make a decision.See more

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See More boys bedroom beds

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Change the air Bedroom furniture for boys and girls! #interiordesign #kidsroom…
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A guide to choosing the best kids furniture

Kids Furniture Set Types: Finding the furniture set you want is easy if you know what you’re looking for. Fortunately for most kid’s rooms there are only a few common pieces of furniture that need to be in place for every child. So, when you’re looking for a kid’s furniture set make sure you have a bed, dresser, and bookcase for storing toys or coloring books.

Transitional furniture

Kids grow up fast, so if you’re looking for a type of furniture that they can call their own for years, transitional furniture is your best choice. For example, a trundle bed is ideal for a toddler while still being suitable for a young child. Moreover, trundle beds are also perfect for a little sibling while being compact enough to fit into storage under a loft bed. Alternatively, a small bookcase that your toddler uses to store soft toys can transform into a proper bookcase in a couple of years.

Choosing convenient, comfortable bunk beds

Fun and practical, bunk beds make efficient use of vertical space to pack two beds into the floor footprint that one bed typically occupies. Bunk beds are a favorite bedroom-furniture item for children, but adults can take advantage of this design as well for vacation homes and small-space living. The available options in this product category can be surprisingly diverse, and there s a bunk bed to suit just about every need in this section. In addition to variety in material options and furniture design styles, bunk beds come in several different sizes and formats.

Bunk bed terminology

The basic concept of a bunk bed is easy to understand, but the nature of the bed-on-bed stack can vary from model to model. Make sure you get exactly the bunk bed you want by learning the difference between different bunk bed styles. Considering these options prior to browsing may change your perception of which bunk bed will work best in your home.

Queen over queen: In rare cases, bunk bed frames may be available in queen sizes. These beds tend to stack in parallel, and they accommodate standard queen-sized mattresses for a more generous sleeping space.

Provide productive comfort with children’s desks and chairs

Whether your child needs a dedicated homework area or a space to spread out and explore their imagination, a desk and chair setup can provide space to help them stay organized, focused and entertained. Just as it is with your office furniture, however, there are some important things to consider when it comes to the desk and chair’s ergonomics, size and features. We’re here to help you learn more about children’s’ desks and chairs so you can make the choice that’s right for your little one’s needs. Here’s what to keep in mind while you get started shopping.

Size considerations

When kids are comfortable, it’s easier for them to concentrate. Staying comfortable when working at a desk means that both the desk and the chair need to be sized properly to fit your child’s height. Fortunately, figuring out the dimensions that the desk and chair should be is a similar process to determining what size your own office furniture needs to be — only with smaller proportions. Get the following measurements before you start your search.

Desk height: Once you know the correct chair measurement, it’s easy to find the proper desk height measurement. This number should be about 7 to 9 inches higher than the chair seat to let your child’s arms rest comfortably on the tabletop without hunching over. Remember that kids grow quickly; it may be a wise decision to purchase a desk with adjustable legs that you can crank or twist to different heights. That way, it’ll suit your child’s height as they get taller.

Types of desks

Your child may benefit from having different desks at different life stages. In general, kids’ desks can be divided into three types: preschool, elementary school and junior high/high school. And, while many of the product listings in our selection provide appropriate age ranges to help you decide, it’s also important to consider the different features of each desk type to see what meets your child’s needs.

Elementary: As the amount of homework your child is assigned starts to increase, desks for this age range begin to incorporate more features that focus on organization. Larger work surfaces, paper trays, shelving and drawers all become more common, making it easy for your child to store both school and craft supplies. These desks also start to look a little more grown-up, with some available in wood-look finishes. Many desks for this age group come with matching chairs for a more cohesive appearance; just be sure — if you’re choosing a set — that the chair’s height is still appropriate for your child.

Kids’ Bedroom Sets

The wide selection of kids’ bedroom sets at Shop Kids’ Furniture makes it easy for you to get a bedroom set that fits the available space and your child’s preferences.

Bedroom Set Bundles: These sets are a convenient and budget-friendly way to get a matched set. They include the bed along with items like dressers, nightstands and desks.

Storage Beds: Our kids’ beds with underbed storage are handy for keeping a small room or shared room organized. Our selection of storage beds includes loft beds, bed frames with bookcase headboards and pedestal beds with drawers underneath.

Lofts with Desks: Make the most of a small room and turn it into a study nook by choosing a loft bed that has a matching desk underneath.

Be sure to check the weight rating on any loft bed you choose and compare it to your child’s weight to be sure you get a sturdy bedroom set.

Bunk Beds

Whether you’re adding an extra bed for a growing toddler, or just trying to make the most of your guest room for when friends and family visits, a bunk bed is the ultimate space saver for a bedroom. Kids also tend to get really excited about having one in their room. Bunk beds are great because they give each child their own sleeping space, as opposed to making them share a queen or full size bed. They also allow for convenience when your child has a friend sleepover that friend is guaranteed a comfortable place to sleep. There are a ton of benefits to using toddler bunk beds, but how do you know which one to choose? If you’re opting for a bunk bed, you probably want to make the most out of the space that you have. When it comes to kids there isn’t anything that is as functional as a loft bed or as fun as a bunk bed. Bunk bed typically have two beds, one on top and one on the bottom. A loft bed, on the other hand, has one bed on top and no bed on the bottom, which leaves all that space below that you can use for whatever your child’s interests are. There are a few things to think about when it comes to looking for the right bunk or loft bed and that includes thinking about what you need to use it for, the material that you think is best for your child, and the size of the bed.