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boys bedroom wardrobe : Easy Track Rv1472 Hanging tower Closet – White

20 Feb 2021

Easy Track Rv1472 Hanging tower Closet - White

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Install one 24-inch wide hanging tower kit in a small closet or a laundry room or to expand Easy Track 4-8 foot starter kits (RB1460ON.PK and RB1448ON.PK). For fantastic pantry storage, install multiple hanging tower kits. It's easy to add shelves, drawers, baskets or doors to maximize your...

User reviews

First, 10 years ago I bought the Easy Track system of closets and installed them myself in all my closets in our house while it was being built. (There was a lot of closets 2 walk-ins and 3 bedroom closets) So now I've had them for 10 years and they have proven to be highly functional, sturdy and unbreakable. I was 55 years old (I'm also a girl) and have no carpentry training. I do however, do home repairs etc... That said I can't praise this system enough. The shelving, drawers, and accessories that this system has are all high quality for a do-it-yourselfer. The system itself needs some skill, patience and tools to install but if one carefully follows the directions it turns out perfect. You need a good drill and a hack saw if you need to cut the track to fit. I bought this system to install in a babies room in my sons home. Thank you Walmart for carrying the Easy Track. When I went to the hardware store where I bought it before they no longer carry it. Searching on I found it on the Walmart web page at the best price of any other store online. It turned out great in the new babies room. I installed 3 drawers and the chrome basket. It's going to give the new parents more storage. I put in two 24" towers side by side and only used 3 of the vertical boards. In my opinion, one of the big pluses of this system is it hangs OFF the floor so you can clean the floor under the shelves and drawers. One down side on Walmart's part is two of the vertical boards were cracked when they were delivered. I didn't need one and the other was not badly damaged enough so I was able to use it and butt it up against a wall where it doesn't show. When I read some reviews before I bought from Walmart, damage in transit, seems to be an issue. I plan to contact customer service and inform them of this problem. Hopefully they will look into it and do better on delivery.See more
I have used Easy Track closet systems for many years in several houses, and I really like them. The mounting system is great--just a few holes in the wall to hold the rail(s) and then everything hangs from it. Great for wall-hung shelving as well as hanging clothes. They are strong, very adjustable, and completely off the floor--makes it easy to clean under them and keeps it all fairly 'light' looking. In my most recent use, I purchased 3 tower systems and hung them side by side in a bonus room in such a way that I have 5 sections of shelves: 2 ft / 1 ft / 2 ft / 1 ft / 2 ft. I like the one foot sections for books and the 2 foot sections for other things. Of course I had to buy a few extra things: an additional hang rail, some rail covers, and extra shelves (both 1 and 2 feet). It was well worth it.See more
Very useful, and reasonable priced.See more

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See More boys bedroom wardrobe

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As kids grow older and grow out of their cradles and cribs parents need to think about what types of kid furniture they need for their child to create the best kids room that they can. Children’s furniture ranges in size, color, and material depending on what you or your kid need. In addition, the furniture you select will depend on you and your child’s personal design preferences. Since this is something that your child will use, but you will have to get and furnish in your home, it’s a group effort to find the perfect piece of kid furniture.

Bed and mattress

Kids sleep longer than adults, so you need to pay careful attention to the bed frame and mattress you choose for them. A proper mattress is essential for their health, and you should take into account factors such as support type and comfort level.

Whether you’re looking for a kids’ size bed, a single bed or bunk beds, it’s essential to look for a sturdy wood or metal frame that accommodates your mattress of choice. Safety is also very important; if you opt for bunk beds, make sure the product includes safety rails on the top bunk.

The main support types of mattresses for kids are innerspring open coil and innerspring pocket coil. Memory foam and latex mattresses are also available, and they provide good support for growing children.

Many kids suffer from allergies, but you can use a hypoallergenic antibacterial mattress cover whenever necessary, especially on mattresses that contain latex.

Choosing convenient, comfortable bunk beds

Fun and practical, bunk beds make efficient use of vertical space to pack two beds into the floor footprint that one bed typically occupies. Bunk beds are a favorite bedroom-furniture item for children, but adults can take advantage of this design as well for vacation homes and small-space living. The available options in this product category can be surprisingly diverse, and there s a bunk bed to suit just about every need in this section. In addition to variety in material options and furniture design styles, bunk beds come in several different sizes and formats.

Bunk bed terminology

The basic concept of a bunk bed is easy to understand, but the nature of the bed-on-bed stack can vary from model to model. Make sure you get exactly the bunk bed you want by learning the difference between different bunk bed styles. Considering these options prior to browsing may change your perception of which bunk bed will work best in your home.

Twin over futon: The twin-over-futon bunk bed format provides a pull-out futon frame, often in a full size, in place of a bottom bunk. This turns the bunk bed into a dual-purpose sleep and lounge furniture piece that offers the option to create an extra sleep surface when you want to unfold the futon. If you choose to purchase a twin-over-futon bunk bed, be sure to determine the width of the futon in a fully unfolded position so you can ensure the bunk bed frame will fit in its intended location.

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Desk height: Once you know the correct chair measurement, it’s easy to find the proper desk height measurement. This number should be about 7 to 9 inches higher than the chair seat to let your child’s arms rest comfortably on the tabletop without hunching over. Remember that kids grow quickly; it may be a wise decision to purchase a desk with adjustable legs that you can crank or twist to different heights. That way, it’ll suit your child’s height as they get taller.

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Preschool: These desks are often made of plastic and other materials that help them remain durable, easy to clean and relatively soft at the same time. Desks for toddler and preschool-aged children typically have smooth, rounded corners to protect against accidental bumps and bruises. They may incorporate one or two large lower shelves for storing crafting supplies, or they may be completely open with narrow legs, which helps keep them easier to move around and sit at. They also tend to come in bright, visually stimulating colors that look great in a playroom, and many have attached bench seating, which eliminates the need to purchase a chair separately. Most tables and desks for this age range have open, flat surfaces where kids can spread out with crayons and toys. If you have multiple younger children, a table-style desk is ideal for helping them all work in the same area. For kids who love drawing, select a desk with a tilting top that props up to do double duty as an easel.

Kids’ Bedroom Sets

The wide selection of kids’ bedroom sets at Shop Kids’ Furniture makes it easy for you to get a bedroom set that fits the available space and your child’s preferences.

Bedroom Set Bundles: These sets are a convenient and budget-friendly way to get a matched set. They include the bed along with items like dressers, nightstands and desks.

Storage Beds: Our kids’ beds with underbed storage are handy for keeping a small room or shared room organized. Our selection of storage beds includes loft beds, bed frames with bookcase headboards and pedestal beds with drawers underneath.

Lofts with Desks: Make the most of a small room and turn it into a study nook by choosing a loft bed that has a matching desk underneath.

Be sure to check the weight rating on any loft bed you choose and compare it to your child’s weight to be sure you get a sturdy bedroom set.

Little Girls Vanity Set

When you need a place to put on your makeup, do your hair, or make sure everything is looking just right, a girl’s vanity set can come in handy. They make it easy to keep all of your cosmetic tools and accessories all in one place while also providing a great location to take a look in the mirror comfortably. That’s why getting a little girls vanity set is a great idea because they can start to learn how to use this advantageous piece of furniture when they’re younger which is a great way to prepare them for the future. However, when you’re searching for a kids vanity for girls try to keep in mind a few factors that might influence your selection such as features, materials, and finishes.