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boys dresser set : Asheville 4 Piece Bedroom Set, King, Gray Wood, Modern (Panel Bed, Dresser, Mirror, 1 Nightstand)

04 Mar 2021

Asheville 4 Piece Bedroom Set, King, Gray Wood, Modern (Panel Bed, Dresser, Mirror, 1 Nightstand)

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as of March 4, 2021 2:49 pm

Asheville 4 Piece Modern Bedroom Set, King, Gray Wood (Panel Bed, Dresser & Mirror, Nightstand). Create the inviting bedroom setting of your dreams and bring your bedroom aesthetic into the 21st century with this Asheville Bedroom Set and watch your bedroom area become a haven for relaxation...

User reviews

Saw some bad reviews, but I have no problem at all, Good purchase for the priceSee more
pretty good, the center runner supports were half inch too short and required separate support. the rest was really good except one drawer was not opening smoothSee more
Love the design and color. Good price for what you get. The pieces came with some small chips in the wood, and one of the dresser drawer handles is crooked. The undersides of each piece is not sanded. The biggest issue is the lack of support beams that come with the bed set. You only receive four thin beams to hold up the mattress, and so we need to go to Home Depot and purchase additional wood to make our own support beams for the sake of our backs. If for kids or you're not big, this should do fine and last a while. Additionally, to return the product, the fine print states that all items need to be inspected upon delivery which seems unrealistic considering the drivers are on a schedule and the pieces are massive.LikesSizeFrameSetupQualityFor kidsAssemblyAppearanceDislikesSturdinessSee more

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See More boys dresser set
See More boys dresser set

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I’m so excited for these next couple weeks. Getting another set of bunk beds for our boys room to fit all the boys,…
March 4, 2021 - @RiannonMotell

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