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boys room storage : Delta Children Deluxe Multi-Bin Toy Organizer with Storage Bins

31 Mar 2021

Delta Children Deluxe Multi-Bin Toy Organizer with Storage Bins

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Easily organize your child's toys with the Deluxe Multi-Bin Toy Organizer with Storage Bins from Delta Children. Featuring nine (9) toy bins in varying sizes and bold colors, it offers a stylish storage space for toys of all shapes and sizes. Designed to be the perfect kid-sized height, it allows...

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The Delta Children Deluxe Multi-Bin Toy Organizer appears quite well made and there is no fear of it falling over or tearing too soon. It was extremely easy to put together as the instructions were straight forward and assembly took less than 15 minutes. It is very light weight so was very easy to move around the room and position where I wanted. The stand itself consists of two wood end pieces and a heavy weight piece of fabric that wraps around four poles creating two fabric shelves, which are a lot sturdier than you would initially think, while the floor provides the base for the third shelf. There are nine fabric storage bins that are well constructed and lined with heavy duty cardboard that fit snugly together. The bins are three different sizes so my girls were able to put various toys in the bins, from Shopkins and make-up to a complete tea party set and their laptops with all the accompanying accessories. So far it's survived daily use from twin eight year olds without crumbling or tearing. I could easily envision children as young as two using this organizer successfully and I can foresee my girls getting a couple more years out of it until they get too tall. Overall this organizer is a good product and has aided significantly in organizing their shared space; it is much better than a standard toy box where the toys are all intermingled and hard to find. Thus far, I would definitely rate it five stars.See more
The Delta Deluxe Children Multi-Bin Toy Organizer is the perfect gift for a young one or for anyone needing an attractive storage bin that is functional, and takes up little space. The Organizer is approximately 36 inches wide, 28 inches tall to top of basket and 12 inches deep. It was very easy to put together and the only tool you need is a Phillip's screwdriver. It took less than fifteen minutes to assemble and the instructions were diagrammed making it easy to understand. The organizer contains nine bins total with two large bins on the bottom, three medium in the middle and four small bins on top. These canvas material bins are sturdy, attractive and hold their shape well. The two painted white particle board sides are where the eight screws are attached and make it solid and well-made. These bins are not just for children. I can see crafters who need space for organizing fabric, yarn, tape, scissors and all the other implements of their trade. I can see mothers coming up with plenty other uses. This is light weight and easy to move from one room to another. Unlike other toy organizers with the baskets, this one is softer and will not harm children. I chose the pink one, so my grand daughter can keep her toys organized when she visits grandma and grandpa.See more
I was very pleased to see this new toy organizer/ storage bin set from Delta as I’m tired of only having the choice between hot pink or pastels. Who says girls always have to have pink things? The coloring is very beautiful; I love the gray frame with the blue and teal organizers and they match my room colors perfectly. The frame was very easy to put together, all that is needed additional for assembly is a screwdriver. The whole assembly did not take longer than 20 minutes. The frame is very sturdy even with the bins empty. We’ve had no issues with this thing swaying or tipping over. The individual bins are also very easy to assemble, and I’m pleased that they hold a significant amount of toys. Note that the bottom two bins sit directly on the ground instead of having their own shelf, which threw me off a little because on the advertisement it looked as if they rested on another bottom shelf. I love the height of the unit because it’s just the right size for my child to access her toys as well as learn to put them away herself, easily. The bins are all pretty sturdy and my daughter loves pulling them out and dumping all her toys all over her room. The bins are very easy for her to move, they are incredibly light weight, and although I’ve not had this long I think they will last quite a long time. I’m glad I won’t have to worry about plastic bins cracking with use. I would definitely recommend this organizer, for small children!See more

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A low table and children-size chairs create the perfect spot for little ones to play alone or with their siblings or friends. A table set is ideal for tea parties, coloring, puzzles or building with blocks. Choose a table and chairs made from painted wood or colorful plastic; these options are easy to clean. Other pieces of furniture that also work well for an older kids’ bedroom are a small desk and chair and a beanie bag that provides them with lots of fun and comfort.

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Full over full: Full-over-full bunk beds are less common than the styles that include at least one twin-size frame. These bunk bed frames accommodate two standard full-size mattresses, which are typically stacked in parallel but can also be perpendicular.

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