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cheap bed and mattress : Milliard Premium Memory Foam Hypoallergenic Infant Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed Mattress with Waterproof Bamboo Cover, Flip Dual Stage System – 27.5 inches x 52 inches x 5.5 inches

Sealy 12" Medium Plush Hybrid Bed in a Box Mattress, King

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Designed for ultimate comfort and support, the Sealy 12-inch hybrid bed in a box features four distinct layers of high-performance technology for the perfect balance of responsiveness, pressure relief, and cooling airflow. Our unique combination of two innovative comfort technologies, adaptive...

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I was surprised at how soft and comfy this mattress was. I took it out the box and plastic and it opened right up to the 12 inch size. Its supposed to take 24 hours to expand but it expanded a lot right away. It's super thick and so far feels very comfortable. I am surprised at how great a mattress in a box could be!See more
I was a little skeptical that a decent mattress could come folded up into a box, but I was wrong. The box arrived and I was still like NO WAY is this a thick mattress. We got it out of the box and when we started opening the plastic, it literally started hissing. Scared my baby a bit, but once the plastic was off, it bounced up to the advertised measurements. It is incredibly soft and sturdy. It feels just as nice, if not better, as my overly expensive mattress I have made by another manufacturer. It is so so soft. My boys instantly jumped on it and said it felt great. Luxury in a box. There were a few minor complaints and confusions I wanted to mention. The confusing part is one part of the instructions says to place it where you plan to use it before opening it up. The other part of the instructions says to keep it in a well ventilated area for 72hours. My son's room with his crib is intended room to use, but not where I want to ventilate something that calls for it. The mattress did have a chemical smell when first opened, but now 72 hours later we don't smell anything. It was not hard to move. I only got a twin XL. I think that if I had ordered a large size bed this might be problematic. Placing it where its intended, but also in a well ventilated area. My only complaint is with the shipper (not the product), they put this giant box barely up my driveway near a wall. It's heavy, even just for a Twin XL. It's not something you can just pick up and carry. I had to get my kids to help me get it to the actual house.See more
This is a great mattress! I have been a memory foam user for a little over ten years. I started with an eight inch off brand. My next memory foam was a ten inch when the “bed in a box” was the new craze. So this mattress, a trusted brand- Sealy, and a twelve inch memory foam, and still using the bed in a box technology- I was very excited to try it out! I always worry about the smell with the bed in a box (compression) as I am very sensitive to smells. I am happy to say that I was not bothered at all by the smell of the new mattress. The box was large, but still impressively small considering it held a 12 inch California king mattress!! It was HEAVY, however- be prepared to need help to drag it in from your porch upon delivery! I needed no “adjustment period” as I am an experienced memory foam mattress sleeper. I positively recommend “splurging” and getting the 12 inch! If you are unfamiliar with memory foam, it eliminates pressure points and allows you to sleep so very well all night through. It also does have a cooling airflow that keeps you from getting overly hot. I absolutely recommend this mattress from a quality and trusted brand- you will get the BEST sleep!See more

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Memory Foam & Mattresses

Mattresses are the key to feeling your best. Sleep can determine how good you feel in the days to come. Find the perfect mattress that makes you feel well rested and ready to tackle the next morning. Choose yours today by selecting the size, type, and comfort level of your choice.

Are memory foam mattresses really better than innerspring mattresses?

Both types have pros and cons, but memory foam remains one of the most popular options for queen mattresses. These mattresses offer minimal motion transference and support that can improve your sleep quality. They also tend to sleep hot. Innerspring mattresses have better airflow, but the coils aren’t for everyone. Hybrid mattresses, which combine the best of innerspring and memory foam, could be a good option for you if you’re on the fence.

I want to buy a comfortable mattress, but I’m on a budget. What do you recommend?

Innerspring mattresses are typically the most economical options. Look for a mattress that has 450 to 1,000 coils for optimal comfort. With our Every Day Low Prices, some of the newer hybrid mattresses, which combine innerspring mattresses with a layer of memory foam, may also be in your price range.

King Size Mattress

Think of the phrase, “Go Big or Go Home!” while you’re shopping for your new king size mattress. Most people say the bigger, the better when it comes to space in a mattress—especially if you’ll be sharing it with another person. Want to know the overall satisfaction rate for king size mattresses? It’s high across the board because it’s like having your own twin size mattress all to yourself, plus another for your partner. There’s ample sleep and cuddle room with king size mattresses—enough to fit a child who just had a scary dream or the family pet who wants to cuddle. a dog or a couple cats. But before the fun begins, we recommend you take these next few points into consideration when purchasing your next king size mattress. Check out our How to Pick a Mattress guide to learn more!

How Big is a King Size Mattress?

King size mattress dimensions in the U.S. measure 76 inches in width by 80 inches in length, making them great for taller folks, couples, and families. King size mattresses give you an additional 16 inches in width compared to a queen, think of how nice that will be when your bed turns into the family napping spot! And believe it or not, but you don’t need a massive bedroom to fit a king mattress. Your new king mattress will be 76in x 80in which measures roughly to 6.3 feet wide by 6.6 feet in length. The average bedroom size is about 10ft by 11ft, which means you can absolutely fit the king size mattress of your dreams in your bedroom! If you are still worried about space, consider getting a metal bed frame and box spring instead of an ornate bed frame that adds a few inches to the overall size of the mattress.

King Size Mattress Types

King size mattresses are not limited to what core construction they can consist of. Memory foam, innerspring, gel foam, and latex mattresses can all be found in king sizes on Shop Mattresses & Accessories. A king size memory foam mattress will be more considerate to your partner. Memory foam minimizes the motion that can transfer to the other side of the mattress, allowing for a more restful and less disturbed sleep. An innerspring mattress will be bouncier, and can create more motion when tossing and turning, but is available in fairer prices and may be softer if you purchase a pillow top king size mattress. A gel foam mattress benefits the sleeper with a cooling technology thanks to the gel beads inside the foam, and this can be great when sleeping with another person. Lastly, a natural latex mattress is known to be one of the healthiest mattresses on the market because of the organic material it’s made of; tree sap!

What Do Customers Think About Their King Size Mattress?

Gladys from Bronx, NY says: “Didn’t want to pay a crazy amount for a king size mattress so trusted the reviews and went with this mattress and am super glad I did! As everyone already said, it came rolled up in a box and as soon as we pulled it out, started to expand immediately. We left it overnight and by morning, it was the full 10″! I was extremely doubtful that it’d happen but it did and it’s super comfortable! To make it even better, I added a king size plush mattress topper that I bought from Burlington on top and I honestly am sleeping better than I used to on our old $600 bed!”

We hope you have the soundest nights rest on your king mattress. When shopping on Shop Mattresses & Accessories, you can be as creative as you want to be with your bedroom. A king size mattress is just begging to be decorated with a new bedding set. Live close by the mountains in Colorado? Maybe a rustic style set is one that would match your lifestyle. Is your home by the ocean over on the east coast? We think you’d love our coastal styled bed sets. Have a loft in Manhattan overlooking the skyscrapers? Our modern and contemporary bed selection will have you fall in love. Whatever your desire and style, Shop Mattresses & Accessories got it for you. We hope you have the soundest nights rest on your king size mattress. Once you lay down, it might be difficult to get out. In order to keep your king mattress in tact and as good as new, we recommend a few things. 1. Regularly clean your mattress. 2. For full protection, invest in a mattress cover. The beauty of comfort never felt so good, so keep that feeling lasting forever!