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Get Clark Smart

Get Clark Smart

Taylor Pub. 2021

Provides consumers an array of solutions to such problems as buying a used car, finding affordable travel options, and avoiding rip-offs.



Penguin. 2009

A myth-shattering investigation of the true cost of America's passion for finding a better bargain From the shuttered factories of the Rust Belt to the strip malls of the Sun Belt-and almost everywhere in between-America has been transformed by its relentless fixation on low price. This pervasive yet little- examined obsession with bargains is arguably the most powerful and devastating market force of our time, having fueled an excess of consumerism that blights our land­scapes, escalates...

Bargain Hunting in the Bay Area

Bargain Hunting in the Bay Area

Chronicle Books. 2000

Socolich is back with an updated edition of her popular guide to the best bargains around, from San Francisco to Sonoma. Profiling more than 650 discount stores, warehouses, and factory outlets, she tells readers what to expect in the way of service, selection, and savings.

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The best Leesa mattress sales and deals in October 2021: save up to $390 - Tom's Guide

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The best Leesa mattress sales and deals in October 2021: save up to $390  Tom's Guide...

Save as much as $400 on a Leesa mattress at this Black Friday Preview Sale - USA TODAY

September 30, 2021 - USA TODAY

Save as much as $400 on a Leesa mattress at this Black Friday Preview Sale  USA TODAY...

The best Emma mattress sales, discounts and deals 2021 - Tom's Guide

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The best Emma mattress sales, discounts and deals 2021  Tom's Guide...

Best GhostBed mattress discounts and sales 2021: up to $1,125 off - Tom's Guide

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Best GhostBed mattress discounts and sales 2021: up to $1,125 off  Tom's Guide...

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Memory Foam & Mattresses

Mattresses are the key to feeling your best. Sleep can determine how good you feel in the days to come. Find the perfect mattress that makes you feel well rested and ready to tackle the next morning. Choose yours today by selecting the size, type, and comfort level of your choice.

If I want to get an innerspring queen mattress, what are some of the features I should look for?

With innerspring mattresses, look for coil density. Ideally, you want somewhere between 600 and 1,000 coils, although you may have a comfortable rest with fewer coils if the gauge of the steel is thicker. Many of the most comfortable innerspring queen mattresses feature a plush pillowtop or a layer of memory foam for added support and comfort.

I have a bad back. Which king-sized mattress is the best option for me?

Shop Mattresses & Accessories has several options that work well, but the most popular king-sized mattresses for people with back problems are our memory foam mattresses. The foam conforms to your body to provide personalized comfort and the medium-firm support that you need to avoid waking up sore in the morning. Memory foam mattresses tend to retain heat; if you prefer a cooler night’s sleep, you might be better off with a gel mattress. Our gel mattresses have all the benefits of a memory foam mattress with a layer of gel for extra support and cooler sleeping temperatures.

Twin Size Mattress

Twin mattresses are ideal for children and kids; so long they are not taller than 5’9. Standard twin size mattresses are 39 inches in width by 75 inches in length, making them the perfect size for many children between the ages of five and 15. When shopping for a new twin bed online, we suggest taking into consideration a few different features that can ease your shopping experience, and help you understand the properties of a twin size bed. Learn about more of these features in our How to Pick a Mattress guide.

twin memory foam mattress : Twin size mattresses are know to be more affordable. Most of our twin mattresses on Shop Mattresses & Accessories can be found for under $250, including some with memory foam. These mattresses are available in various comfort levels ranging from extra firm, medium, to ultra-plush. The difference among these levels is how hard or soft the mattress is. The more support you need for pressure points in the body, the firmer your mattress should be. And if you desire to sink into your mattress, then a plush level would be perfect for you. Additional features like organic, no-flip, sleep cool foam, and fire resistant twin mattresses are available to choose from on Shop Mattresses & Accessories. These features help narrow down your search and allow you to view all the possible variations that your new mattress can have.

twin size mattress : Mattress tops are a great accessory for your twin mattress. They’re designed for customers who are searching for an extra layer of padding built on top of the mattress. Mattress tops on Shop Mattresses & Accessories are available in four variations; tight top, pillow top, euro top, and memory foam top. A tight top is a firm surface layer on the mattress that is built with a pulled-down upholstery layer sewed on the mattress. A pillow top has a pillow-like layer constructed onto the mattress adding comfort and support. A euro top is similar to a pillow top and depending on where you go, the two may be interchangeable. The main difference in a euro top is that the extra layer of padding is sewed to the edges of the mattress, unlike a pillow top which appears to look like it can be taken off. Lastly, a memory foam mattress top is an extra padding of memory foam sewn onto the mattress. This is similar to a memory foam mattress topper or pad, but those are removable, while a memory foam mattress top is built with the mattress.

twin mattress : Do you know if you currently have a mattress warranty? You should! Mattress warranties typically cover structural and physical problems. This is if your mattress is sagging, if the coils are popping out, or if your box spring is breaking. Your warranty most likely does not cover any comfort issues you may have. Make sure you know whether you have a 10, 20 or 30-year warranty on your mattress. Your warranty can be voided if there are any stains on the mattress (refer to: cleaning mattress guide), or if you remove the law tag. Another way your mattress warranty can be voided is if you do not have a box spring or foundation. Some retailers will not allow coverage if you do not purchase a foundation along with your mattress.

Shopping for your twin size mattress is made so much easier when doing it on Shop Mattresses & Accessories. You can find all the specifications of your mattress too when you scroll down under the image of your chosen mattress. There you can find information about the brand, what the product includes, and even the warranty.