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folding furniture for small houses : Tiny Homes

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Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes

Shelter Publications, Inc.. 2021

More than 1,000 photos, along with stories and interviews follow the "tiny house" movement which is currently going on among people who have chosen to scale back in the 21st century. Original.

The Little Book of Living Small

The Little Book of Living Small

Gibbs Smith. 2020

A comprehensive guide to small-space secrets and real-life solutions for living in 1,200 square feet or less. The Little Book of Living Small shows readers how to make the most of limited square footage—with grace and style—and serves as the cheerleader readers need to help themselves feel satisfied and proud of their choice to live with less. In addition to exploring both the motivation behind choosing to live in a small space, as well as the practical, everyday advice for managing a tight...

In-laws, Outlaws, and Granny Flats

In-laws, Outlaws, and Granny Flats

Taunton Press. 2021

Explains how to turn the extra space in one's home into a separate living quarters in order to house a relative or to rent out to a boarder to earn extra money, in a book with 275 full-color photos and 50 drawings. By the author of Renovation: A Complete Guide. Original.

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Shop Small Space Furniture

Shop Small Space Furniture

Shop Small Space Furniture

Furnishing a small space can be a challenge. Brands like South Shore Furniture and Sauder offer a variety of items to help fill your space without taking up too much room.

Here at Shop Small Space Furniture, we understand that every room has different needs. Be it a kitchen, a living room, or a bedroom, every house is guaranteed to have some small spaces where larger products would have trouble fitting in, causing clutter. Lucky for you, Shop Small Space Furniture carries its very own selection of products available for all your small spaces needs, giving you products of a smaller size than our larger builds, without sacrificing the quality Shop Small Space Furniture has promised to maintain over the years.

First, consider what it is that you want or need for your space. If you’re looking for something you and your guest can sit on in the common areas, a futon or sectional couch would make comfortable additions to your living room, while a dining set would look great in the kitchen or dining room. Whether you’re choosing a twin, full, queen or king-size bed for your room, keep in mind that you will need to leave space for things like a dresser clothes orderly or a nightstand to house your bedside lamp or family pictures.

The customization doesn’t stop there, as Shop Small Space Furniture gives you the ability to filter down your small spaces search to find exactly what you need while still yielding hundreds of results, giving you plenty of options while helping you narrow down the search. Whether you’re customizing based on bed size, material, color, price or anything, Shop Small Space Furniture allows you to customize and find your small spaces search to be able to find the right filter for you and whatever room (or rooms!) you’re designing. Shop Small Space Furniture has exactly what you need for any room, and the same is true for any small spaces you may be wishing to redesign. Just because you’re working with a smaller area, doesn’t mean your shopping experience should be hindered. Find everything you need for your small spaces and more at Shop Small Space Furniture!

Tips to Consider When Choosing Living Room Furniture

Whether you use your living room for relaxing, entertaining or gathering with the family, Shop Small Space Furniture has the furnishings you need to create a comfortable space with just the right look.

Form and Function

Sofas and loveseats offer the most seating space, but sleeper sofas and futons have the added benefit of a hidden bed that lets you transform your living room into a guest room.

Add a touch of fun with our whimsical saucer and hexagon chairs, or add elegance with our hourglass and accent chairs for extra seating that’s perfect for entertaining guests.

Keep the living room neat and clutter-free with storage ottomans, television stands, coffee tables and end tables, all of which provide an ideal spot to stash your remotes, lamps and decorative items.


Got kids? Look for sturdy microfiber pieces that feel soft while resisting stains.

For an upscale feel, leather and leather-like vinyl offer a sleek finish that resists pet dander and other allergens.

For maximum versatility and traditional comfort, choose upholstery.