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Vitra By Nameeks Form Bidet

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Product Description ::

Form a beautiful and relaxing bathroom with the help of the Vitra by Nameeks Form Bidet. Often overlooked, the bathroom is a place we spend quite a bit of time, so surround yourself with beauty in every room. The stylish, sleek look of this bidet gives a modern appeal to your upscale bath. Crafted of high-quality ceramic, this bidet is easy to clean, and certain to add lasting elegance. The polished white finish makes it easy to match to your other fixtures and finishes, and blends perfectly with the ...

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  • ★ Scarabeo By Nameeks Zefiro Floor Mounted Bidet

Take the modern design of your well-appointed home into the bathroom with the unique, sculptural beauty of the Scarabeo by Nameeks Zefiro Floor Mounted Bidet. The sleek shape and simple design coordinates beautifully with the Zefiro floor mounted toilet. The clean white finish perfectly matches your other fixtures and finishes, while providing a polished look you'll love. Crafted of durable, long-lasting ceramic, this bidet is easy to clean, keeping its beauty for years without looking worn or outdated. High-efficiency is the name of the game here, conserving water while ...

  • ★ Vitra By Nameeks WJ Bidet

If you're not already known for your style, you certainly will be after installing the Vitra by Nameeks WJ Bidet in your bathroom. The sleek elegance of this bidet brings a modern appeal to your upscale bathroom. The striking shape is constructed of high-quality ceramic for lasting beauty as well as easy cleaning. The sparkling white finish adds polish and creates a unified look, complementing other elements of your bath. The high-efficiency design uses less water than traditional bidets, saving you money and conserving precious natural resources. The horizontal spray ...

  • ★ WS Bath Collections Ego 3225 Wall Mount Bidet

Add a worldly finishing touch to your modern bathroom with the WS Bath Collections Ego 3225 Wall Mount Bidet. This wall-mounted bidet features geometric style lines and a classic white ceramic construction. Float this piece next to your toilet for a cohesive look.

  • ★ Scarabeo By Nameeks Tizi Wall Mounted Bidet

Stellar modern design isn't just for the living room and kitchen anymore, the Scarabeo by Nameeks Tizi Wall Mounted Bidet brings your stylish touches into the bathroom as well. The sleek look of this simple wall-mounted bidet is certain to make a striking statement. The white finish and contemporary design beautifully coordinate with the rest of the Tizi collection, creating a unified appearance. The dual-flush mechanism allows for high-efficiency operation, saving water for an eco-friendly design. The high-quality ceramic construction is not only lovely, but easy to clean as well, ...

  • ★ Kohler San Tropez K4854 Floor Mount 4 Faucet Holes Vertical Spray Bidet

Experience a new level of bathroom luxury with the Kohler San Tropez K4854 Floor Mount 4 Faucet Holes Vertical Spray Bidet. Offered in a choice of available finishes to suit your décor, this floor-mount bidet is made with vitreous china for a smooth, polished texture and superb durability. Its vertical spray design delivers an accurate and effective stream that soothes and cleanses, providing you with an extra level of hygiene. Its four pre-drilled holes allow you to easily add a fixture-mount faucet and vacuum breaker, and its included mounting ...

  • ★ Vitra By Nameeks T4 Bidet

If you're more interested in carving out your own style than keeping up with the Joneses, then the unique, modern appeal of the Vitra by Nameeks T4 Bidet is just right for you. High-quality porcelain design provides lasting beauty while making it easy to clean. The polished look of the white finish unifies the your bathroom and complements your other fixtures and finishes to create a designer appeal. The clean, simple look of this bidet is the perfect addition to your stylish space. The horizontal spray pattern allows personal cleaning ...

  • ★ Vitra By Nameeks Sunrise Bidet

The breathtaking beauty of the Vitra by Nameeks Sunrise Bidet makes cleanliness a very lovely thing. Crafted of durable and luxurious ceramic, this sleek bidet features a clean white finish, beautifully coordinating with the rest of your contemporary bath and matching the other pieces in the Sunrise collection. The modern shape is unique and provides for comfort and style. You'll love how it looks with the rest of your fixtures and finishes. This wall-mounted bidet is easy to install, while features such as a horizontal, high-efficiency spray conserve water and ...

  • ★ Scarabeo By Nameeks Tizi Floor Mounted Bidet

Your fixtures are the biggest part of your bathroom design, so make them stunning with the Scarabeo by Nameeks Tizi Floor Mounted Bidet. Beautifully coordinating with the rest of the Tizi collection, this sleek, modern style features a clean look that's certain to please. The durable ceramic construction is not only easy to clean, it's certain to provide lasting elegance, never looking worn or outdated. The white finish makes matching your other finishes and fixtures a snap, while providing a timeless appeal. Details such as a convenient round bowl ...

bathroom-furniture Tips::

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Storage

Your bathroom is your retreat from the world. Style it smart with bathroom furniture that's both beautiful and functional. Whether you're updating your bathroom one piece at a time or giving it a complete makeover, read on to learn what storage items to consider when creating your oasis.

Properly Vet Your Vanity

Use your current floor plan and plumbing as a guide to determine placement and size for your bathroom vanity. Generally, you'll want to stick with a single sink if you're working with 48 inches of width or less. If you want a double-sink vanity, make sure you also account for adequate counter space. Look for vanities with drawers and cabinets for under-sink storage. It's easiest to use the same mount as your current sink, whether it's freestanding, wall-mounted, or corner-mounted. Make sure to check what's included with your vanity in case you have to order sinks, faucets, or backsplashes separately.

Choose a Clever Cabinet

Depending on the amount of space you have (and the amount of items you have to store), adding bathroom cabinets can increase your storage options significantly. A classic wall cabinet can hang over the commode or sink, or if you're short on linen storage, a full-sized linen cabinet with shelving and drawers helps keep towels, cosmetics, and other essentials close at hand.

A medicine cabinet instead of a traditional vanity mirror hides away everyday items and provides a spot for a quick double-check before you're out the door. With hundreds of cabinet options, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your bathroom.

Switch it Up with a Space Saver

For extra-small bathrooms, make the most of your over-the-toilet space with a space-saver cabinet. These designs come in a variety of styles made from metal or wood and fit around the toilet, providing shelving or enclosed cabinets to store towels and toiletries.

With everything in its place, your bathroom can look just as tidy and relaxing as the rest of your home. No matter your space, style, or budget, here at Hayneedle you'll find the perfect bathroom storage solutions to help you stay organized and your clutter beautifully at bay.