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Foldable Sofa Adjustable Gaming Enjoyable Floor Chair by Wrought Studio

in Gaming Chairs

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Product Description ::

Product Description: Bonzy floor recliner is made for one thing and that is a comfort. The easy to recline nature of the chair makes it that much more appealing to all possible consumers. This product has been rigorously tested in order to assure complete safety.

  • Product Type: Gaming mat
  • Overall: 48.43'' H x 5.1'' W x 24.02'' D
  • Overall Product Weight: 15.4lb.
  • Connection Compatibility: TV/DVD/VCR
  • Vibration: No

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  • Product Type: Gaming mat
  • Overall: 4'' H x 16.5'' W x 36'' D
  • Overall Product Weight: 15.2lb.
  • Connection Compatibility: None
  • Vibration: No

Gaming Chairs Tips::

Gaming Chairs

Adding a game room into your home may seem unnecessary , but they can be a great space for kids and adults alike. Creating a game room is way more than just adding a gaming chair to a room; it's about making the perfect place for kids to play video games with their friends on rainy days when they can't go outside. It's also a great place to host a family game night. With so many options for your game room (and different furniture to add) , you should make sure you are using it to its full potential. To help you set up the best gaming room you can we asked bloggers who have their own gaming rooms what they do to make it a fantastic room to use. Without further ado , here are the experts and what they have to say about setting up the perfect game room! For the first question , we asked them:

Where's your game room?

Cathy Goodwin

A Boy and His Mom

Our living room serves as the gaming room. Our home has an open concept; this allows me to do my own thing like cook dinner or read while my son plays his game , but it also allows me to keep an eye on what is going on in the game room without being right beside them.

Karen Davis

Marker Girl

We have an upstairs space that is the game room/media room. I prefer it upstairs due to noise. It's a great area for playing video games since it's away from the main living areas so the noise from them playing doesn't disturb the rest of the family.

Kathy Radigan

My Dishwasher's Possesed

Our family room/game room is in our finished basement. This is great because the kids can watch movies or game even when my husband and I would like a bit of quiet. It's also worked out really nicely for having their friends over , including for sleepovers! Now that our kids are older (18 , 15 , and 12) , we are badly in need of an upgrade so I have been making a wish list of things I would like to make the space more comfortable for the kids to hang out with their friends as well as a nicer place to enjoy some family time.

Kimi Clark

The Mom Shopping Network

Our family room is an open central location at our house that makes it the perfect space for our family's video game playing.

Becky Branch

The Java Mama

My husband and seven-year-old son usually play in the living room. We haven't put a TV in his room yet , we are waiting a little while longer before we make that jump. We want him to be involved and social , not cooped up in his room all day. We have a great built-in in our living room where the boys can play and it hides the game systems – and that's what I like as a Mom!

Tracy Zdelar

Hall of Fame Moms

We have a finished basement with a room for games. We have an old tv , a few game systems , and drums in there.

Do you think a gaming chair or a couch is better for gaming?

I like the idea of a gaming chair if the gamer is playing primarily by themselves or online games. However , my son often has friends over to play with him , so the couch works better not only for space but then there is no fighting over who gets the video game chair.

Couches are great , and I recommend considering a sectional for your game room if space allows. I add in folding gaming chairs for older kids and use floor cushions for younger ones for even more seating. If there is enough space I love to use ottomans in place of a coffee table , since they too can be used for extra seating if needed.

Right now we have a well worn couch and when the kids want to be a little closer to the TV they use the gliders that were in their rooms when they were babies and young children. My boys have put in a request for gaming chairs for adults , which they think would improve their gaming and be a huge improvement to the gliders. Since my husband and I aren't getting any younger , I also want to get a sectional that reclines. This seems like an ideal way to enjoy movies as well as gaming.

I have put a pair of gaming chairs on my wish list.

Honestly it's different strokes for different folks. As an adult , I prefer to be sitting up a bit higher so I would choose an gaming chair for adults or comfy couch , but my kids are all about gaming chairs and even bean bags.

A gaming chair. Gaming can get pretty active and arms start swinging and flying around. This way they can have their own space without touching each other.

I don't play the games so I asked the boys. They both said a couch would be better (we don't have one for the basement).

Where is your gaming chair or couch in relation to your television for video gaming?

Our couch is about eight feet from the TV. If you're sitting on the couch , it isn't too far away. If we are playing games that require us to get up and move around , we can move the coffee table aside and have a ton of room to move without the worries of hitting anything.

My recommendation is that the standard size TV needs to be about six feet from the seating area. If the person viewing the TV sits too close they risk eye strain and will not get an optimal view of the TV.

Our couch is directly in front of our TV but back far enough that the kids can get their bean bags on the floor in front.

We have a sofa and a video game chair with an ottoman. I find my son likes to sit on the ottoman and my husband will sit in his gaming chair for adults. I'd love to re-do the living room with a huge sectional and extra seating for more people to sit. I know one day he'll be a teenager and want to have all his friends over. He has a big bean bag in his room that he loves too!

We have some chairs a few feet in front of the TV.

What is the best way to store video games for your gaming room?

Our TV is in an entertainment unit and has several shelves that keep all of our games together nicely in one place for us to use. Some of our games require extra pieces that need to be hooked into the gaming system that are kept in a box with a lid beside the gaming systems. They are neatly contained and not all over the place where pieces can get lost or broken.

I have custom cabinets built with closed storage below and some open shelves above for decorating when decorating these types of spaces. I prefer using storage bins on the shelves. This allows for easy sorting of items needed for the room. It makes it easier to clean up and makes it easier to find the items when you need them.

I prefer an entertainment center to store video games. It keeps everything more organized and looks put together.

I like to store video games out of sight , but we have so many that we have a shelf we use for storage. The controllers and such go in a drawer in our entertainment center though , which helps keep some of the clutter under wraps.

Shelves – we have built-ins , and I like that it keeps things neat and hidden.

We are very conservative with purchasing media , so we don't have much. We are regular users of the library , so something small works for us. Maybe a basket or a shelf nearby.

What are some gaming room must-haves on top of a comfortable gaming chair?

Aside from a comfortable seat , some sort of table to hold snacks , drinks , and remotes is a must. It doesn't need to be anything fancy , but big enough that you don't have to worry about things getting knocked over and spilled on the floor.

I like to maximize seating when designing a game room. I think the lights should be on a dimmer so you can control the ambient light in the space. I like closed storage so the space looks clean when not being used. I also think the space must have fabric drapes or cornices when you have windows and carpeting to absorb sound.

For me I think the most important thing to have in a game room is a relaxed attitude. I have never wanted things in that space that I'm nervous about the kids wrecking.

Another must have for me is a table and video game chairs. I love to have a space where the kids can play traditional board games as well as have a place to have a snack downstairs. Since we are lucky to have the space , I have always liked to have play options other than gaming and movie watching , especially for the colder months. Right now the kids are enjoying our foosball table. But I would love to add table tennis to our game room.

For our family , it's all about hanging out together and being comfortable. So we like lots of throw pillows and blankets so that when we're playing games sitting down , we can grab a pillow (and blanket if it's chilly) and relax.

Soft pillows , a pouf , blankets , and space to move around.

An updated TV. The boys can't play multiple players on their gaming systems because our TV is old.

What's the best type of lighting for your game room?

We have pod lights and an overhead fan. It works great!

Recessed ceiling lights with dimmers give you the general lighting you need. In game rooms that have unwanted sunlight I recommend heavier , blackout-lined drapes to block the sun and unwanted reflections from the screen.

Since our game room in the basement , we don't have a lot of natural light. Though I do like our recessed lighting , I would like to add a lamp or two to give even more lighting options.

I love the Bass Projector Light because not only would it provide an extra lighting choice for movie watching , it would also add some fun to the room.

We have an overhead light as well as a three way corner lamp , which really works great. Depending on the game the kids can have it brighter or darker.

In our game room , we have pod lights and an overhead fan. It works great!

Since it's in the basement we don't have a lot of windows; however , the basement windows are behind and above the TV so the sun can come in bright. I think curtains or just moving the TV to a different place in the room could take care of this.

If you have a game that involves movement , how much open space is best to play video games?

We have a space of about eight feet from the TV that is plenty of room for at least two people to play games that require you to get up and move. I wouldn't want the space to be any smaller than this or you may run into hitting each other accidentally.

That really depends on how many people are playing. This is where having an ottoman on casters , or one that can be easily moved around , is best. You can move it out of the way to play video games and bring it back for extra seating or to put your feet up on when watching TV.

In our family room we have enough space to lay a queen sized mattress between the TV and couch (and I know this because we recently got a new bed and actually put our old mattress there for the time being...which the kids are loving , by the way!). It seems to be ample space for them to play their games.

I would say about 15 feet is ample space for video games that require any movement.

I don't think you need a lot of room for one of these gaming systems. Our room is not very large and it's not super small , we seem to have enough room.

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