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Ellis 1920 Flight Mobile by Viv Rae

in Baby Mobiles

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Product Description ::

Give your little pilot something to stare at as they fall fast asleep with this charming mobile. Crafted from aluminum, its three-part frame features an understated arched design in silver that suspends four old fashioned airplanes in coordinating hues. Measuring 12.5'' H x 36.5'' W, it's perfect for hanging over a crib or changing table where it can distract your little one. Assembly and installation are required for this nursery essential.

  • Overall: 12.5'' H x 36.5'' W
  • Overall Product Weight: 0.33lb.

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Baby Mobiles Tips::

Crib Mobiles

Baby mobiles are placed above your baby’s crib for when he or she sleeps. Babies spend a lot of time in their crib and on their back, so a baby mobile provides stimulation that can evoke a handful of feelings and emotions as opposed to looking at a plain ceiling. You may wonder if your baby will get distracted by a crib mobile, spending time laughing and playing rather than sleeping. A baby crib mobile should not influence play time and prevent association with the crib and bed time.
Baby mobiles provide visual stimulation, promote brain development, and develop senses such as hearing and touching. Some baby mobiles stimulate and others soothe, comfort, entertain or calm a baby. If the crib mobile stimulates, you may not want to have him or her playing with it before sleep. It is important to watch your baby interact with the baby mobile to see if it is calming them to sleep or stimulating them so much that they are staying awake. For example, you can purchase butterfly or elephant crib mobiles and each might result in a different reaction from your baby. Below is some additional information on baby crib mobiles:
Ceiling Mounted baby mobile

Ceiling Mounted: this was the first type of crib mobile available. The baby mobile attaches to your ceiling most often using screws. Typically, this type requires wind for the baby mobile to move or rotate.

Crib Mounted baby mobiles

Crib Mounted: the most popular type of baby crib mobile. It attaches directly to your baby’s crib which means installation can be quicker compared to the ceiling mount. If you choose this option, you should double-check to see whether nursery mobiles will fit your crib.

Other than ceiling and wall mounted crib mobiles, you also might want to consider purchasing a crib mobile with a wind up feature. This means that by turning a handle on nursery mobiles, the music box “unwinds” and plays a calming melody. Wind features tend to play for a short period of time and you need to turn it whenever you want more music. Battery operated crib mobiles play a melody after pushing a button. Some battery operated nursery mobiles even provide a few different melodies for you to choose from.
In general, the length of time music is played varies on the crib mobile. There are some that play for 30 seconds and others that play for 15+ minutes.
Lastly, you may want to consider a baby crib mobile that moves mechanically as opposed to with the wind. Baby mobiles moving by wind tend to be lighter. Mechanically operated nursery mobiles are run by a small motor at the push of a button once batteries have been added.
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