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Super Pole by HealthCraft

in All Bathroom Safety

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Product Description ::

  • Product Type: Grab bar
  • Weight Capacity: 300-400 Lbs
  • Country of Origin: Canada

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All Bathroom Safety Tips::

Bathroom Safety

At Shop All Bathroom Safety we strive to provide the ultimate bathroom safety products available. For discriminate buyers who need to make their bathrooms practical and secure, we have a wide selection of items from which to choose. We offer selections of elevated toilet seats, shower benches, shower grab bars, and much more.The bathroom can be a dangerous area in the home. This danger will increase as we age. Shop All Bathroom Safety feels compelled to offer the best in bathroom safety products to help prevent serious injury in the home. We want you to find the products that will make your home a safer place to live.

We offer simple but effective selections of raised toilet seats designed to help one sit down and get up again. With various designs and multiple options, we are sure to have the right shower seat for your bathroom safety and comfort.
Now you can enter a slippery tub or bath with confidence. Our durable, easy to install shower grab bar selections are a staple for bathroom safety. Get in and out of the shower or bath safely and protect yourself from bathroom accidents.
Wellbeing, comfort, and peace of mind are the hallmark of our vast selection of shower seats offered online. Our Shop All Bathroom Safety collection comes with the finest wood or metal engineering to bring you the best in relaxation and bathroom safety.
We care about your safety at Shop All Bathroom Safety, especially in the bathroom where more home accidents occur. It is why we offer a wide selection of bathroom safety accessories for your comfort and protection against unwanted falls. Our collection comes from the most trusted names in bathroom fixtures and safety products. We want to make sure we provide options that are safe without making your home look like a hospital. So, browse our bathroom safety collection and pick the selection which fits you and your needs. You will be glad you did.
You've come to the right place to shop for bathroom safety online. If you know you are looking for Mintcraft products, your search is refined and almost ready! At Shop All Bathroom Safety, you will find the best prices for all the major brand names you can choose from. We want to make sure when you shop for bathroom safety, your experience is seamless. If questions come up about a certain Safety Grab Bar when shopping on Shop All Bathroom Safety, you can call us for more detailed information. We have a qualified customer service team ready to speak about bathroom safety in addition to the amazing deals. There's never a better time than now to live in a home you love with a Stainless Steel Safety 33.75" Grab Bar made by Mintcraft.